Celebrating 66 on Route 66
Graham Pugh

  A short stretch of the original Route 66 roadway in Luther, Oklahoma
Paul McCartney was here. I missed seeing him by a week!

  I've been told that I oughta write about this, so here goes .....

Just a few miles from where I live lies a short stretch of the original Route 66 roadway.  From what I understand, it is one of a few remaining vestiges of the original roadway in the US and is designated as a historic site. Built in the 1920's, it is off the beaten path and was abandoned long ago.  A few years ago I photographed the site for a friend who lives in England and thought nothing more about it until the following week!  Read on .........

In the summer of 2008, Sir Paul McCartney celebrated his 66th birthday by driving across the country on Route 66.  It was big news locally when Paul and his ladyfriend passed through Oklahoma City and stopped for an for an overnight stay. While here the couple visited local attractions, ate at a local restaurant and spent the night at the Skirvin Hotel.  It is also known that McCartney visited the site of the original Route 66 roadway as he passed by on his way to Oklahoma City. This happened just one week after I was there taking photographs!    Wow - a near miss! I can only imagine what it would have been like if our paths crossed at that desolate place so close to home. I supose I would have invited him over for a cup of tea!
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