January 2016 Edition

Ray Heaton presents the check to Principal Deborah Owens
Mike Parker photo

Last September, Classmate donations were collected at our 50 Year Reunion to benefit activities at our favorite High School. On November 17, 2015 a ceremony was held and a check was presented to Principal Deborah Owens by our distinguished Classmate Ray Heaton. Other Classmates were in attendance and an account of the event has been submitted by Andre Aslen and Jane Thompson.

CLICK HERE to read all about it and see more pictures.


Nine years ago we started the practice of announcing birthdays for the month on our website. Being a new year's baby, mine was first on the list. Another year has gone by so here we go again!

Graham Pugh - Jan 1, Mollie Hammond - Jan 2
Martha Hamlin - Jan 4, Lynne Johnson - Jan 11
Gail Bunde - Jan 13, Kathy Barber - Jan 25
David C. Brown - Jan 27, Carol Wannamaker - Jan 28

When is your birthday? Let us know and we'll give you the recognition you deserve!
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  Pictures from our 50 Year Reunion submitted by Wanda Fletcher and Bob Lanteri have been produced as a slide show and can be viewed along with other Reunion memories by clicking HERE.
You probably noticed a professional camera crew taking pictures and conducting interviews at our Reunion. For those of you that ordered their video, paitence is the operative word. 
I have called them several times and they have not been able to give a definitive date as to when the video will be ready for delivery. Please stay tuned!