by Andre Aslen and Jane Thompson
Photography by Mike Parker

Donations collected at our 50 Year Reunion were presented to Stranahan High School Principal Deborah Owens in a ceremony
 held at the school November 17, 2015.  Classmates Andre Aslen and Jane Thompson were there and reported the following:

  Yesterday we attended the presentation of the $4,000 check to the school by Ray Heaton to Principal Owens. Ray's wife and Mike Parker were also there. Principal Owens conducted the ceremonial presentation in the old entryway (the one we remember) to the school in front of the trophy case. She was joined by the following school members: Athletic Director, Band Director, Football Coach, Cheer Leading Coach, two cheerleaders, three band members and a football player. Numerous pictures were taken by Mike. The wonderful letter accompanying the check was read and Ray distributed copies. Of course the presentation of our Class of '65 Dragon made a big hit. Principal Owens showed us the much smaller dragon she keeps in her office. Ray did a great job and Principal Owens expressed her appreciation for the gift. As we experienced during our tour, the students were very energetic, cheerful and filled with pride for being Dragons!

On the way out after the ceremony, Principal Owens took us to the brick walkway in front of the school entrance. The plan is to fill the walkway with engraved bricks from, or in memory of, Stranahan Dragons. The first brick placed was in memory of a member of the Class of '59 - "The First Dragons". There are other bricks awaiting placement. This is a recent fund raising initiative that they hope will also serve as a place to display pride in Stranahan. Each engraved brick costs $100 which includes a donation to the school. There are a number of logo's possible - the first brick had a dragon on it in addition to memorializing information. We are thinking about participating. Principal Owens told us the program was described online. I tried to find it in the Stranahan web site but could not and have a call in to the faculty member leading that initiative. When we get the web site, we will send the link to you - it may be an item for others to consider. Principal Owens is organizing the walkway by Class Year.

Students, Faculty and Classmates pose at Presentation Ceremony
Front Row second and third from left: Andre Aslen and Jane Thompson. Ray Heaton third from right.