Your Committee Never Rests!
Committee Meeting November 5, 2017
Back Row - LtoR: Georganne Robbins Yost 1967, Ron Streicher 1967, Craig Berry 1963, Larry Yost 1962, Gary Townsend 1963, Mike Shankman 1965, Carl Fisher 1963, Barbara Pryor Lasey 1964, Betty Gebert Townsend 1967, Ken Townsend 1968, Terry Townsend 1965.
Couch - L to R: Lea Becket Kelly 1962, Kathleen Bray Rooney 1967, Kathy Walsh Watson 1967, Emily Drews 1967.
Chairs L to R: Gayle Eaton 1967, Irma Picozzi Doerfler 1963, Sandy Montgomery 1963.
Floor: Floor Jane Pryor Townsend 1967.
The Lady between Larry and Gary is Karen Gallagher Fisher 1963 St Thomas.
The Lady between Mike and Carl is Sandra Parker Townsend, Terry's wife.
Your Stranahan Reunion Committee had a "Wishlist" type of meeting on November 5th 2017. These are the ideas that came out of that meeting/mini reunion/party. We plan to have more gatherings like this in different places, so the next one is tentavily scheduled for next spring 2018 at Linda Comeau Reynolds' house in Tallahassee FL. And we can move on from there.

55th Reunion possibilities:
Fort Lauderdale
Lago Mar
Riverside Hotel
A hotel out west
Embassy Suites

Friday night event - Stranahan House or can depend on the hotel
A different location entirely

Invite classes of 66 and 68 to join us to minimize the workload and the costs - 66 is already open to this.

70th Birthday Party locations:
Fort Lauderdale
We have tentatively been invited to join a Multi-Class Reunion in Townsend Tenn in 2019
A different location entirely
Traveling Meeting/Mini Reunion options:
Other locations such as Tallahassee (where Linda Comeau lives) and Fayetteville NC (where Gary Weller lives)

We are open to other options, so please let us know if you have any ideas. You can thank Jane Pryor Townsend for the idea of traveling to different areas to connect with as many as alumni as possible.

Looking forward to seeing more of our alumni at any of these gatherings. You can leave a post here, email at or email me directly at



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CLASS OF 56, 60 & 61
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